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Awakening Hippocrates,
By Dr. Ed O'Neil, Jr.
OmniMed's Founder and President

"Written with impressive knowledge and with the compassion of a medical doctor who has worked in the poorest countries of the world and whose life has been marked by the miseries he has come across. This book is a moving and pressing appeal to all people of good will."

-Rhena Schweitzer Miller, former director of the Schweitzer-Bresslau Hospital in Lambarene, Gabon, and daughter of Albert Schweitzer, MD

What if all health providers could easily and effectively work to improve the health of the global poor? What if the ideal of global health equity were to move from a surreal dream of the few into the mainstream of modern medicine, and health were to become a birthright for all people, regardless of their nationality or income? Since 1998, Omni Med has worked to catalyze a revolution in the medical profession to make such ideals become a reality; specifically, by helping a much larger percent of providers to work directly in developing countries, and make this most urgent work a part of the very fabric of their lives.

Events such as the tsunamis of 2004 and Hurricane Katrina, as other disasters before them, inspired Americans to serve those in greatest need, and raised awareness of the larger forces that divide our world into haves and have-nots. However, those who respond to such calamities have often found it difficult to find the information needed to properly prepare for and find the right service opportunity. We at Omni Med have compiled data on service opportunities for health providers, as well as the best means to serve, particularly for those with little time or prior experience. We invite all of our colleagues to join us in the fight to create a more just world order.

Uganda is the focal point of Omni Med's current work. Since early 2009, Omni Med sent 15 U.S. health volunteers to train over 200 Ugandan community health workers. Each community health worker takes about $60 to train and provides basic primary and preventative care to 25-30 rural households. An innovative aspect of the program is the rigorous evaluation of the direct impact of the volunteers’ efforts, something decidedly lacking but desperately needed in the service sector. Read more about the Uganda program here.

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