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"Edward O’Neil, Jr. has packed a lifetime of experience, reflection, and insight into these works on global health. Anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of poverty and health in the world or who is contemplating service in global health will find in these books both inspiration and highly practical guidance. Dr. O’Neil celebrates the achievements and dedication of heroes in global health, and his own life’s work serves as a model for those who will come after."

-Harvey Fineberg, MD, President, Institute of Medicine; former Provost of Harvard University; former Dean of the Harvard School of Public Health, and Consultant to the World Health Organization

Omni Med Database of Global Health Service Opportunities

Welcome to the Omni Med Database of Global Health Service Opportunities. This database has taken over 15 years to construct and put on-line. It would not have happened without generous support from the following organizations: The W.K. Kellogg Foundation, Sales Force, The Helen Steiner Rice Foundation, The Union Institute & University, The Cincinnati Academy of Medicine, and Ionia Solutions.

We encourage you to serve where you are most needed; there is no shortage of opportunities and a world of need out there. However, please don’t just “go.” Reflect on the experiences of those who have gone before and take the time to prepare properly for what will likely be a life-changing experience. We offer two texts on this website, written with the goal of helping you prepare fully, Awakening Hippocrates: A Primer on Health, Poverty, and Global Service, and A Practical Guide to Global Health Service. Whether you use these or any other texts, (such as those available on the Global Health Education Consortium (, please recognize the history of considerable missteps in this realm, and the importance of doing this important work well—that requires time, planning and considerable preparation. Good luck.

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