"We at last have, in this moving book and in a companion volume, an authoritative overview that allows the reader to understand not only how poverty and inequality shorten lives in a time of medical miracles but also what can be done about it...I know of no other project that has been able to link such sound analysis to the pragmatic advice that all of need as we ask and answer (sometimes without ever learning the lessons of those who've gone before us) the what's-to-be-done question."

-Paul Farmer, MD, PhD

How To Donate

Like all non-governmental (non-profit) organizations (NGO’s), Omni Med relies on donor support to keep its programs running. Since so much of our work is donated, we have an extremely efficient bottom-line, even for the service sector. Our audits show that we use 98% of donation funds for our programs; unusually high for the sector. As a 501 (c)(3) organization under the IRS tax code, all donations are tax-deductible. We appreciate all support. To make a donation, please click here:

Other Ways to Contribute:

Omni Med’s core mission is to get more health care providers directly involved in the quest for global health equity, through health education programs, and other innovative programs that our volunteers develop.

Uganda: Omni Med is seeking health volunteers to travel to Uganda to train community health workers in the Iganga District, just east of Kampala. Volunteers will include all health professionals, and many students. Please see the specifics of the Uganda program by clicking here, or contact Dr O’Neil directly at ejoneil@omnimed.org .


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